5 Amazing Foods that Stop Hair Fall


If you are suffering from hair fall and thinning of hair there are 5 foods that you must include in your diet not only these foods are easily available but more importantly they are backed by ayurveda and proven by modern science we will discuss how and when to consume them so that you can get maximum benefit from them.

There is no doubt that our body gives low priority to hair fall. This is why when our body doesn’t get adequate nutrition, it ignores hair fall and focuses on other organs but still good hair not only adds an aesthetic appeal to your body but also boost your confidence. Considering the highest stress of today bad food and cosmetic choices hair fall has become common even among teenagers so understanding that hair add value to our life let us talk about 5 amazing foods that prevent hair fall.

Starting with number 5 on the list for hair fall:


5. Carrots

Studies have shown a strong connection between vitamin A that is beta carotene deficiency and hair breakage. Well there isn’t a better food for vitamin A than carrot just 100 grams of carrots have a copious 16,000 international units of vitamin A, which is even more than the daily requirement apart from vitamin A carrots have a significant amount of biotin which is well known for accelerating keratin production.

Keratin is the protein from which hair is made of you will be surprised to know that carrots are a natural DHT blocker food as well science confirms that DHT is one of the main causes of hair fall especially in men, the hair supplementation industry runs on 2 things biotin and DHT blocking pills both of which are present in carrots, no wonder today carrot oil is also making the rounds in that space.

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In fact in a study when a group applied carrot oil on the scale within a few days it was seen that more hair follicles got active as compared to 1% minoxidil solution. Carrot also contains vital hair nutrients like vitamin E, C & K along with strong antioxidants that prevent aging of hair fall.

So if you are suffering from hair fall or your hair is thinning down you should include carrots in the form of subzi, soups or vegetable pulao although the best would be to have carrot salad every day before lunch or dinner if you have late of raw carrots and spice it up with black salt black pepper and lemon this hair super food won’t let you down.


4. Curry Leaves

Ayurvedic scriptures and modern studies suggest that if one starts consuming Curry leaves on a regular basis not only hair breakage will reduce but also hair health will get much better that’s because Curry leaves are an amazing source of B vitamins and antioxidants which contribute to cellular regeneration and promote healthy circulation to the blood vessels in the scalp. The amino acid content which strengthens hair fiber is also very high in curry leaves.

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Surveys have shown that people in the southern part of India have significantly lesser hair problems. One concrete reason is that they use Curry leaves to temper their dals and vegetables. Curd rice, poha, Curry leaf pulao, dalia, Curry leaf raita, suffering from hair fall you should try and make Curry leaves apart of daily diet. Another way to get the most from Curry leaves is to start consuming them raw.

Curry leaf trees are so common in India plug 4 to 5 Curry leaves and simply chew them, chew them well so that they turn into liquid in your mouth. It will hardly take 2 minutes but within a few weeks you will visibly notice or difference in your head. One can also get Curry leaf powder online it can be used as a regular masala in your curries so for the next 2 months include Curry leaves in your diet in whichever way is convenient to you and get ready to bring back your good hair days.


3. Buttermilk

Buttermilk or well-churned yogurt mixed with double the amount of water and spiced appropriately is a hair elixir how you might wonder. Consider a plant whose leaves are falling, what could be the reason does the problem lies with the leaves quite obviously the problem lies with the roots of the plant, similarly according to ayurveda the root of hair fall lies in the stomach. In fact when an 86 year old Chinese man suffering from alopecia went through a fecal transplant saw a sudden hair regrowth on the bald patches.

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So if you are facing indigestion your body won’t be able to absorb the vital hair nutrients from the food and as a result hair get weaker and eventually hair fall happens, that’s where buttermilk helps, rich in probiotics and lactic acid when buttermilk is consumed post lunch it strengthens the root that is the digestive system which then easily absorbs vital hair nutrients from the consumer food. It also reduces body heat, another major cause of hair fall. Buttermilk is an excellent hair shampoo plus conditioner 2 in 1.


2. Amla

Amla is a time tested traditional medicine not only in India but also in other countries to promote hair and scalp health. Not surprisingly today every hair product out there be at a shampoo conditioner or a hair oil boast of amla in it.

Talking of Amla hair oil there was a study done on rabbits and rats researchers placed patches containing Amla oil in various concentrations on the animals fur and monitored fur growth for 15 days. What they found was that Amla oil caused significant and rather rapid for growth and made for healthier. Since Amla is extremely rich in antioxidants when consumed as food clinical studies shows that Amla acts as a powerful hair regenerator stimulating the hair follicles and strengthening the roots.

A study proof that Amla is among the top DHT blocking foods. Amla is filled with all good things but the problem is that it’s too sour to consume but don’t worry there are some real good ways in which you can easily consume Amla.

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First you can buy Amla juice of any reputed brand and diluted with equal amount of water and have it 30 minutes before breakfast. Amla candy with honey and Amla murabba with honey are too healthy snack options you can keep handy with yourself. Amalaki rasayan is a powerful Ayurvedic Amla supplement whose half teaspoon can be mixed with honey and consumed anytime of the day. Raw Amla when boiled with rice or Curry gets easy to eat and can be consumed as pickle. Amla tablet is also available these days. In a nutshell if you are not consuming amla hair problems, then you are making things harder than they are.


1. Almonds

It’s amazing to know how much almonds have to offer to hair. Almonds probably the best food source of biotin, making them an excellent natural alternative to artificial biotin supplements. Science has showed that application of almond oil to scalp increased hair growth as compared to mice treated with placebo.

In another study when rats were divided into 6 groups, Almond in one group and 5 other supplements including minoxidil in other after 30 days almond extract group beat other 5 in opening up new hair follicles. Almonds contains special fatty acids like oleic acid and linoleic acid which are proven DHT blockers. Vitamin E is another proven anti hair fall nutrient for which almonds are dependable source, there are many ways in which we can consume almonds in our diet.

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There are 3 ways which are most practical. First, soak 4 almonds in water peel the skin off and chew them until they become liquid in your mouth. Secondly, start having one tablespoon of unsweetened almond butter. Third, have a teaspoon of sweet almond oil in a glass of milk before going to sleep at night. It is also useful to know that our local Gurbandi almonds which are smaller in size are actually bigger in nutritional profile than the California almonds.


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