Delhi Govt: Use & Sale of Chinese Manjha 5 Years Jail Rs 1 Lakh Fine

‘5 Years in Jail, Rs 1 Lakh Fine’: Delhi Govt Warns of Action Against Use, Sale of Chinese Manjha

Since January 10, 2017, the usage and sale of glass-coated nylon thread has been forbidden. However, a lot of people still break the law, which occasionally results in tragic harm to humans, birds, and animals.

Chinese Manjha

In the nation’s capital, the Delhi government has threatened to take legal action against anyone seen using or distributing “Chinese Manjha.” Gopal Rai, the Delhi Environment Minister, instructed officials to strictly enforce the city’s ban on the manufacturing, storage, sale, and usage of Chinese Manjha in an advice sent to all relevant ministries.



The action was taken a few days after a girl died as a result of injuries caused by glass-coated synthetic kite string.

The Minister emphasized that violating the prohibition on Chinese Manjha might result in five years in prison and/or a fine of up to Rs 1 lakh.


He added that instruction has also been given to the Delhi Police, Revenue Department, Municipal Corporation of Delhi, Transport Department, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, eco-clubs, schools, and colleges to inform people about the ban on the Chinese Manjha.

In Delhi, kite flying peaks around August 15. Every year, horrible accidents occur because people utilize Chinese Manjha, which is essentially glass-coated synthetic strings, during this time.

Chinese Manjha is made using chemicals rather than cotton cloth, which is very bad for the ecology. It was prohibited in the nation’s capital in 2017 by the National Green Tribunal (NGT) because it could cause harm to people and animals by slicing through their skin.

Maanja making


The Delhi High Court ordered the city police’s crime division to look into the production, distribution, acquisition, and storage of Chinese synthetic Manjha in the city’s markets and shops in February of this year.

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