Free Fire makes a comeback in India!

Free Fire

  Free Fire, a widely acclaimed battle royale game, is poised to make its triumphant return to India this Tuesday, reigniting a debate about the circumstances that led to its initial ban and the precautions taken for its resurgence. Previously, this game faced a ban by the Indian government in February of the preceding year, … Read more

Gadar Real Story: जाने कौन थे Boota Singh और उनकी अमर प्रेम कहानी | [Hindi]

Gadar Real Story

    Gadar real story फिल्म प्रेमियों, खासकर 90’s के दशक में पैदा हुए लोगों के जीवन में बहुत गहरा अर्थ रखती है। Sakeena (अमीषा पटेल) के साथ Tara Singh (सनी देयोल) की “प्रेम कथा” रोमियो एंड जूलियट और हीर एंड रांझा जैसी किसी भी अन्य अमर प्रेम कहानी जितनी ही लोकप्रिय है। लेकिन क्या … Read more

‘Scam 2003: The Telgi Story’ (Web Series): Who was Abdul Karim Telgi and what was the Stamp Paper Scam?

Scam 2003 01, Blazing Bulletin

  Scam 2003, also known as The Telgi Scam, was a scandal which started in 1992 and came to light in 2003. The scam involved a fake stamp paper racket that extended over many states in India, it was valued at over Rs 30,000 cr. It led us to the conviction of Abdul Karim Telgi, … Read more

Discover 10 Unkown Facts Before Securing Your Oppenheimer Movie Ticket!

The connection between the movie and Lord Krishna

This year’s long trend Oppenheimer is releasing on 21st July 2023. These are the things you must be know before watching Movie Oppenheimer: – Julius Robert Oppenheimer (22nd April, 1904 – 18th February, 1967) was an American theoretical physicist. Known as the “FATHER OF THE ATOMIC BOMB” for his work on the Manhattan Project, the … Read more