Haryana Violence: Mobile internet will be ban till August 5

Due to Haryana Violence the Mobile internet access would be unavailable in the Haryana districts of Nuh, Faridabad, and Palwal till August 5 due to racial confrontations.

The decision stated that “mobile internet services will remain suspended until August 5 in the territorial jurisdiction of Sohna, Pataudi, and Manesar sub-divisions of Gurugram district and in the territorial jurisdiction of Nuh, Faridabad, and Palwal districts.”

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“Home Secretary, Haryana do order the suspension of the mobile internet services.” This is done to stop false information and rumors from spreading through various social media platforms, like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and others, on mobile devices and SMS, to facilitate and mobilize mobs of agitators and demonstrators who can seriously harm public and private property by engaging in violent acts like arson or vandalism.”


In light of the Haryana Violence, Haryana has assembled a three-person team to review recent social media posts. Anil Vij, the home minister, called attention to the “important role” that these platforms had in igniting the most recent racial conflicts.

After a religious procession going through the neighborhood was attacked, clashes between two groups broke out in Nuh on Monday afternoon. The ensuing violence left two home guards dead and dozens of people, including about 20 policemen, injured.

Chief Minister ML Khattar had promised that the victims and their families would receive justice after the altercation. Speaking to a press conference, he also said that innocent people will not be subject to punishment.

“Anyone found guilty of participating in the Haryana violence will be punished severely and unrelentingly. Nobody will be protected. There would be justice for the victims and their families, he had promised.

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