iPadOS 17 takes iPad even further. The iPad is more powerful than ever thanks to new levels of personalization, gorgeous and practical custom Lock Screens, and tools that help you accomplish more.

These are the new features in iPadOS 17 which users are going to experience: –


Lock Screen

Personalize your Lock Screen:

Make your iPad uniquely yours by designing a beautiful, unique lock screen. Choose a stunning wallpaper for the large display, such as Astronomy. Or the animated Kaleidoscope app on the iPad. For ideas, peruse the collections gallery.


Motion effect for Live Photo wallpaper:

When you unlock your iPad and it settles into your Home Screen, a brand-new motion effect for Live Photos makes your Lock Screen feel more vibrant than ever.

Live Activities:

Utilize Live Activities to monitor events as they happen directly from your Lock Screen. Keep tabs on your food order, flight, score, and other things.

Widgets on your Lock Screen:

To see information like the weather, time, date, battery life, or upcoming activities quickly, add your favourite widgets to the Lock Screen.




Interactive Widgets on iPadOS 17

Take action with just a tap:

Play music, turn off the lights and more. Right from a widget.



All features of messages will be same as in iPhone iOS 17.  Click here to view features of iOS 17 on iPhone.



Create one-of-a-kind stickers:

Live Stickers can be created using your own photos.

Use your stickers in more places:

You can use stickers anywhere you can access emoji because your stickers drawer is in the emoji keyboard, including in apps from the App Store. Stickers can be added using markup to images, documents, screenshots, and more.





Leave a message:

You can leave a voice or video message for someone who missed your FaceTime call.

React with your hands:

The camera frame can be filled with entertaining 3D augmented reality effects, such as hearts, confetti, fireworks, and more, by adding a reaction.



Health app on new iPadOS:

The health app was created with the iPad’s larger display in mind. Review trends and highlights, look at your favourite’s extensive details, and use the interactive charts. Additionally, you may report symptoms, track your menstrual cycle, and make prescription reminders directly from your iPad.

Mental health:

You may now reflect on your mental health and discover insightful information about what might be causing it thanks to new features. To determine your current risk for depression and anxiety and if you would benefit from speaking with a healthcare provider, access the standardised tests frequently used in clinics.


PDFs and Notes on iPadOS

Fill out documents faster with AutoFill:

With Enhanced AutoFill, you may quickly fill up a PDF or scanned document by using your saved Contacts information in a secure manner.

Collaborate on PDFs:

When sharing a note with others, get immediate updates. The modifications you make appear immediately on your collaborator’s device when you annotate a document, build a diagram, or add stickers.


Link related notes:

Link relevant notes together, such as a travel schedule and a list of places to eat.



New drawing tools:

When brainstorming, use fresh sketching materials like a waterbrush, calligraphy pen, highlighter, variable-width pen, and ruler. Draw a shape by hand, such as a square, and use Shape Recognition to have a perfect replica appear.


Work alongside your collaborators:

With Follow Along, you can see what your collaborators are working on. The images people encounter while navigating the limitless canvas are shown on your screen.

Screenshot 59, Blazing Bulletin



Stage Manager in iPadOS

More flexible layouts:

Get more freedom to move and resize windows so you may arrange your workspace anyway you choose.

Use an external camera for FaceTime calls:

Use FaceTime and conference calls using your external display’s built-in camera.


Privacy and Security in iPadOS

Communication Safety:

Sensitive movies and photographs are now protected by communication safety measures. Additionally, it encompasses content sent and received via AirDrop, the system’s photo picker, FaceTime messages, Contact Posters in the Phone app, and third-party apps in addition to messages sent and received in Messages.

Sensitive Content Warning:

Sensitive images and videos can now be blurred before you decide to view them. This function will be accessible via FaceTime chats, chats, AirDrop, Contact Posters in the Phone app, and other third-party apps.

Lockdown Mode:

Increased protection provided by the enhanced Lockdown Mode helps stave off sophisticated cyberattacks. On all of your Apple devices, including the new Apple Watch, turn it on.

iPadOS17 is compatible with these devices.

  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (second gen and later)
  • iPad Pro 10.5-inch
  • iPad Pro 11-inch (first gen and later)
  • iPad Air (third gen and later)
  • iPad (sixth gen and later)
  • iPad mini (fifth gen and later)

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